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on the Methodological Council of the GAU RM "Shoshil Tarpishchev's Shoshtar"
1. General Provisions

1.1. The Methodological Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council) is created with the aim of providing scientific and methodological support for the activities and development of the Institution, its structural units, and ensuring the quality training process of the State Autonomous Institution of the Republic of Mordovia, "Sports School of the Olympic Tennis Reserve Shamil Tarpischev" (hereinafter referred to as the Institution).

1.2. The Council is a collective public body.

1.3. The Council is an advisory body on the organization of methodological work in the Institution.

1.4. The Council in its activities observes the Convention on the Rights of the Child, is guided by the laws of the Russian Federation, decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation, educational authorities of all levels on educational, methodological, experimental and design research activities, as well as the Charter and local legal acts of the Institution .

2. Tasks and content of the work of the Council

2.1. The main tasks of the Council are:

- implementation of the state policy on education;

- improvement of the educational process and its results;

- creating prerequisites and conditions for the continuous growth of the professional level of trainers-teachers and other pedagogical workers;

- organization of interaction with other educational institutions, research institutions with the purpose of sharing experience and advanced technologies in the field of education

2.2. The Council performs the following functions:

- examines the results of the analysis of school activities for a certain period;

- defines the goals and objectives for the academic year;

- discusses teaching aids;

- takes measures to replenish the Institution with educational methodical and artistic literature, magazines and newspapers on the work profile;

- Accepts and recommends for approval the educational program;

 - determines the content of education, forms, methods of the educational process and ways of their implementation;

- determines the directions of experimental activity, analyzes its results;

- makes decisions on ensuring comprehensive safety of the educational process following the results of the control of SanPiN compliance, fire safety requirements, labor protection;

- considers the issues of violation by students or teachers of the Charter of the Institution.

3.Composition of the Council and organization of its work

3.1. The Council includes trainers-teachers, instructors-methodologists, the director and his deputies. Representatives of the Founder - the Ministry of Sport and Physical Culture of the Republic of Mordovia, a doctor, as well as students and their parents (legal representatives) may take part in the work of the Council as necessary.

3.2. The chairman of the Board is the director. The Council elects for a year a secretary who records the meetings of the Council.

3.3. The Council works in accordance with the annual plan, and also meets at meetings as necessary, but at least 4 times a year.

3.4. Decisions of the Council are taken by open voting and are eligible if at least two-thirds of the members attended the meeting and a simple majority of those present voted for it. With equal number of votes, the vote of the Chairman of the Council is decisive.

3.5. The organization of implementation of the decisions of the Council shall be carried out by the Director of the Institution and the responsible persons specified in the decision.

3.6. Each meeting begins with an analysis of the implementation of the decision of the previous Council.

3.7. The Director can use the right of veto and suspend the implementation of the decision of the Council in case of disagreement. Within three days, the director, informed by him, the Founder and representatives of the Council should familiarize themselves with the motivated opinions of the parties concerned and make a final decision on the disputable issue.

4. Right and responsibility of the parties

4.1. The Council has the right:

- take decisions on disputable issues within its competence;

- to adopt regulations, rules, instructions (local acts), in accordance with competence;

- invite representatives of public organizations, institutions, self-government bodies, parents (legal representatives) of students with the right of advisory vote to meetings.

4.2. The Council is responsible for:

- implementation of the work plan;

- compliance of the adopted decisions with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

- Competence and concreteness of decisions.

5. Office work of the Council
5.1. The secretary conducts a book of minutes of meetings of the Council, which is numbered on a page-by-page basis, stitched, sealed by the director's signature, certified by the stamp of the Institution.

5.2. Protocols are kept within a calendar year, signed by the chairman of the Council and the secretary.

5.3. The book of minutes of meetings of the Council is kept constantly, passed on to the act, is included in the nomenclature of cases.

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