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Contingent of students (as of 01.01.2016).

Distribution of students for the 2016 academic year

№ п/п Training program Stages of preparation Total
Initial training Training stage Improvement of sportsmanship
1. Pre-professional 349 49 4 402

Information on the number of persons enrolled in educational programs

at the expense of budgetary funds and under contracts (as of 01.01.2016).

Specialty Total Budgetary framework Commercial basis
Nursing 402 402 0

The institution carries out training in accordance with the Federal State requirements for the minimum content, structure, conditions for the implementation of additional pre-professional programs in the field of physical culture and sports and the terms of training for these programs "and the Federal Standard of Sports Training in the form of sport tennis on the pre-professional sport program tennis, term of training is 8 years, the form of education is full-time.Educational activity is carried out in the state language of the Russian Federation - Russian m.

Address: Saransk, ul. Gruzinskaya, 25A, d. 25B; Pushkin Str. 10A
E-mail: zan58@mail.ru

Tel: 8 (8342) 47-92-29, 47-30-90, 76-10-33
Fax: 48-10-10

Mode of operation of the institution: from 8:00 to 22:00.

The work schedule of the institution: every day, without days off.