Behavior of students in the State Automobile Inspectorate of the Republic of Moldova to "Shyamil Tarpishchev" SDYUSSHORT

The objectives of these Rules are to create an enabling environment for training, safe conditions of stay in the State Administrative Department of the Republic of Moldova until the "SDYUSSHORT Shamil Tarpishchev" (hereinafter referred to as the Institution) and on its territory, fostering respect for the human person, developing skills of cultural behavior in society.

1. General rules of conduct

1.1. The student arrives at the Institution no later than, 5 minutes before the beginning of the classes, clean and tidy, removes the outer clothing in the wardrobe, puts on the change shoes.

1.2. In order to increase the safety and effectiveness of training, the student records his arrival to the Institution on the controller using an electronic card, and then goes to the court for classes. At the end of the class, the student registers his departure from the Institution on the controller.

1.3. It is prohibited to bring weapons (including piercing-cutting objects), explosive, explosive or flammable substances (firecrackers, rockets, etc.), sharply smelling substances, alcoholic beverages, drugs, any intoxicants, as well as toxic substances and poisons, gambling.

1.4. Students show respect for the elders, take care of the younger ones, and turn to the teachers by name, patronymic and "You". Teachers turn to students by name.

1.5. Students during the classes follow the instructions of teachers and are not distracted by foreign objects

1.6. Students take care of the property of the Institution, neatly treat their own and other people's property, keep cleanliness in all premises of the Institution. Garbage is thrown only in garbage baskets.

1.7. It is forbidden to leave the Institution and from its territory without the permission of the teachers during the course time. In the event of missing a class, the trainee must present a medical certificate or a note from the parents (legal representatives) on the reason for absence in the classroom at the request of the teacher. It is not allowed to miss classes without good reason.

1.8. In the Institution and on its territory it is forbidden to smoke, swear, overuse cosmetics, bring and drink alcohol.

1.9. It is forbidden to bring in the establishment of pets.

1.10. It is forbidden to bring chewing gum to the Institution.

2. Behavior in the classroom

2.1. Urgent time is used by students only for educational purposes. During the lesson you can not make noise, distract yourself, and distract your comrades from conversations with conversations, games and other non-lessons.

2.2. If the student wants to ask a question or answer a teacher's question during group sessions, he raises his hand.

2.3. If during the lessons the student needs to leave the court for a good reason, then he must ask for the permission of the teacher. The teacher is obliged to satisfy such request of the student.

2.4. During classes it is forbidden to use cell phones.

2.5. The student has the right to leave the class only when the teacher announces the end of the lesson.

3. Behavior before, during, and after classes

3.1. Each student is required to:

observe cleanliness and order in the territory of the Institution.

3.2. Students are prohibited from:

run on stairs, near window openings and in other places not adapted for games;

to be hung over the railing;

push each other, throw objects and apply physical strength;

use obscene expressions and gestures, make noise, interfere with others.

4. Final Provisions

4.1. Students have no right during the time of being on the territory of the Institution and during the carrying out of activities to commit actions dangerous to the life and health of the students themselves and those around them.

4.2. Parents of the student do not have the right to understand the behavior of another student independently without engaging teachers who have a student who has violated the rules of conduct in the Institution according to the parent.

4.3. These rules apply to the territory of the Institution and to all events organized by the Institution.

4.4. For violation of these Rules and the Charter of the School, students are brought to disciplinary responsibility under the Penalty Rules.

4.5. The institution is not liable for injuries resulting from non-compliance with these Rules.

4.6. These Rules are posted in the Institution in a conspicuous place for public inspection.

Address: Saransk, ul. Gruzinskaya, 25A, d. 25B; Pushkin Str. 10A

Tel: 8 (8342) 47-92-29, 47-30-90, 76-10-33
Fax: 48-10-10

Mode of operation of the institution: from 8:00 to 22:00.

The work schedule of the institution: every day, without days off.