on the control and transfer and control-and-acceptance standards of the 
GAU RM "Shoshil Tarpishchev"

1.1. This provision has been developed in accordance with the Statute of GAU RM "Shoshil Tarpishchev" (hereinafter referred to as the Institution). 
1.2. Control and transfer standards (CPN) are control tests used to determine the level of development of the program, assess the overall physical, special and technical preparedness of athletes in accordance with federal standards for the sport of tennis. 
1.3. Control and Acceptance Standards (CIT) are types of tests for determining the level of general physical, special and technical preparedness of applicants for enrollment and transfer to the stages of NP, UT and SS. 
1.4. CPN - is an integral and integral part of the training process for monitoring the progress of students.
1.5. Tests are conducted at all stages of the training process 2 times a year (no later than May 25 and December 25). 
1.6. Control over the conduct of the CPN is exercised by the deputy director.

2.1. Identification of athletes' abilities for further sports activities. 
2.2. Carrying out a sports selection for the sport of tennis. 
2.3. Determining the level of preparedness of athletes for the preparation of long-range planning. 
2.4. Increase the effectiveness of the training process. 
2.5. Assessment of the conformity of the stage state of the level of physical development of athletes to the requirements of program material.

3.1. The general management of testing is entrusted to the deputy director, instructor-methodologist and trainers. 
3.2. Direct conducts the coaching advice. 
3.3. Tests are carried out in stages, depending on the purpose and objectives, according to the planning of the work of trainers. 
3.4. Control and acceptance standards that determine the level of physical preparedness are handed over to applicants for enrollment in NP, UT and SS phases. 
3.5. According to the CPS, the coaching council decides on the transfer of the athletes for the next year of the training phase, the deduction or transfer to the sports and recreation stage, give recommendations on the strategy for planning training sessions for coaches.

4.1. All tests performed by Athletes are recorded. Protocols are signed by the commission for the reception of control and transfer and reception standards for the sport. The minutes are handed over to the deputy director. 
4.2. At the end of the training year, the trainers analyze the executed control and transfer standards and give recommendations on the recruitment of Athletes.

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