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Report of self-examination of the GAU RM "SCHORT Shamil Tarpishchev"

for the period from 2014 to 2015.


Physical culture and sport, being one of the constituent parts of the general culture of children, adolescents, youth, its healthy way of life, largely determines the behavior of a person in school, at home, in communication, contributes to solving social, economic, educational and health problems.

Shamil Tarpishchev State University of the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter referred to as the Institution) conducts educational activities in the field of additional sports education in accordance with the state license, the Charter, the Regulations, the supplementary education program that allow to carry out educational activities in the field of the development of physical culture and sports in accordance with the Constitution Russia and the Republic of Moldova, the Law "On Education", the annual Message of the Head of the Republic of Mordovia V.D. Volkova State Assembly, other local acts, developed by the rules of internal labor regulations.

Activities of the teaching staff of the Institution and its administration are carried out in many areas, the priority of which are:

- the implementation of the educational process within the school itself;

- participation, organization and holding of all sports events;

- holding and participating in sporting events held by RTT and ITF.

Acquisition of training groups was carried out in the manner prescribed by the Charter of the Institution and other normative acts. The transfer of those engaged in years of training at all stages is carried out under the condition of a positive dynamics in the growth of the sports performance of students able to master the program of the corresponding year and the stage of preparation, for each training group, examinations for the implementation of control standards were conducted. The training load is approved annually at the beginning of the academic year at the pedagogical council of the institution.

Classes were conducted at a qualitative level using new technologies and forms of organization, taking into account the individual abilities of the child.

Sports-mass work conducted with students, allows you to reach the maximum number of children and adolescents.

The tennis school in Saransk was established in 2002 and had 2 sports facilities at the following addresses:

  1. FLC: Saransk, ul. Pushkina, 10A

The FOC building has 1 indoor tennis court with artificial grass covering with a quick rebound. Coverage and dimensions of the court correspond to international standards with the ability to host tournaments of any level.

  1. Tennis complex: Saransk, st. Gruzinskaya, 25A

The tennis complex has 6 open soil courts with a SUPER GRAS coating (fine crumb). The coverage and dimensions of the courts correspond to international standards with the ability to host tournaments of any level and since 2006 tennis courts have hosted international tournaments where athletes from more than 20 countries took part.

But with the commissioning in 2008 the building of the Tennis Center with 5 indoor courts with a quick rebound at: Saransk, ul. Georgian, 25B, it was possible to hold tournaments all year round.

In the Institution, on the basis of the license, children are trained in the following stages:

  1. Initial training (NP1 and NP2);
  2. Training stage (T1 and T2);
  3. Stage perfection of sports mastery (SSM).
  1. 1.      General information about the object
    1. 1.1.           Founding documents
  2. Form of ownership certificate of entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities about a legal entity registered before July 1, 2002 from 20.03.2002 No. 619-rz

State Autonomous Institution of the Republic of Mordovia "Sports School of the Olympic Tennis Reserve Shamil Tarpischev"

  1. Legal address 430004, Republic of Mordovia, Saransk, ul. Gruzinskaya, 25A 
  2. Phone 47-92-29
  3. Fax 48-10-10
  4. E-mail Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.
  5. The certificate of registration was issued, issued on March 26, 2002
  6. License Series 13L01 № 0000067, issued July 17, 2014 № 3529, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Mordovia for a period of indefinite
    1. Bank details:

OGRN 1021300984550

INN -1326184228

CAT - 132601001

р / с- 40603810000000000013

in AKKSB "CS-Bank" (PAO), Saransk

account 30101810500000000749


  1. Surname, name and patronymic of the head: Tsumanchuk Anatoly Nikolaevich
  2. Administration of the GAU RM "SCHORT Shamil Tarpischev"


p / p

Position FULL NAME. Work phone number
1. Director Tsumanchuk Anatoliy Nikolaevich 47-92-29
2. Deputy Director Kozlov Evgeny Alexandrovich  47-92-29
  1. 2.      Staffing
    1. 2.1.                The staff of the educational institution is stable, all teachers systematically improve their qualifications in accordance with the new requirements for the certification of teachers and accompanists.

In school, great importance is attached to the upgrading of the qualifications of teaching staff. The methodical association of trainers-teachers is working, preparation for certification of personnel for qualifying categories is conducted.


Information about





They have


- higher 6th
- Higher / higher 3
- specialized secondary  
- average  
Have qualification categories:  
- the highest  
- the first 7th
- the second  
- compliance of the position 2


age of the teaching staff

Total (people) Age
under 30 years old 30-50 years old Older than 50 years
9 5 2 2


Work with teaching staff

№ п / п Events Timing Responsible
  • Holding meetings, pedagogical councils, coaching councils, weekly gliders under the director.
  • The effectiveness of teachers in the summer.

according to school plan

work analysis


Vice president

2 Carrying out individual work with educators on educational process planning (training curricula, teaching and reporting documentation, educational programs, individual planning with SS groups, drafting of provisions, scenario). during a year Vice president



  1. 2.2.            Information about the contingent

The contingent of the school is stable. Within 5 years, it increased from 376 to 412 students (according to the state task). The annual slight drop-out is related to objective reasons. The replenishment of the contingent during the academic year is due to the enrollment of those wishing to study.

  1. 2.3.             Productivity of work

The productivity and results of the work of the pedagogical collective are reflected in the successful performances of the pupils of the school in tournaments of various levels. So in 2014 at the team championship of Russia in the age group under 18 and younger than in Ufa, the team of athletes of our school took 2nd place, losing only 1 point to the rivals from Kazan and as a result the finalists of this tournament were awarded the title of Candidate for Master sport.

The triumph of the team of students at the team championship of Russia allowed to include the establishment of the Olympic Reserve in the schools of Russia, which in turn allowed to become the base sport in the region.

 Since 2014, the trainers-teachers prepared strong sportsmen of a high level (2 masters of sports, 4 candidates for the master of sports, world champion in the age group under 14, the first racket according to RTT, 3 students of the school are part of the Russian national team)

  1. 3.      Work with parents

Parents 'meetings are traditionally held at the school, the main goal of which is to create an atmosphere of parents' interest in the success of teaching and raising children, and coordinate educational efforts. In addition to training, the teachers conduct thematic parenting meetings on age-related psychology, the organization of home-based activities for the child, as well as consultations and open lessons, all of which play a significant role in changing the family's approach to the training process

Data on the number of parent meetings for academic years are given in the table:

Academic year


parental meetings

2014-2015 38

The themes of parental meetings are diverse:

  1. What you need to know when giving a child to school
  2. Organization of home schooling for students
  3. The role of sport in the development of children's intelligence
  4. Features of the organization of self-study students
  5. Respect and understand the characteristics of the children's age
  6. Development of interest in sports among children in the family
  7. The role of training in the development of the child
  8. Forming the creative thinking of the student
  9. Emotional mood of a student to participate in tournaments
  10. Psychological characteristics and leading activity of students in different periods of school age


Pedagogical control and leadership of the educational process.

№ п / п an object Main accents of control terms responsible
1 Educational process.
  • Implementation of curricula, programs, control standards;
  • Preservation of the contingent involved;
  • Level of knowledge and skills of students;
  • Productivity of teachers;
  • Execution of the current documentation of teachers;
  • Implementation of the long-term plan, internal regulations;
  • Individual work with gifted children.
during a year Trainers-teachers
2 Educational process.
  • Level of education of students (interviews, testing of children);
  • Quality of work of senior
  • Participation of parents in the educational process;
  • The level of health and physical fitness of students;
  • The quality of preventive work with "difficult teenagers".
during a year Trainers-teachers
3 Methodical work, scientific and experimental activities.
  • Methodical level of each teacher;
  • Training of teachers;
  • The mechanism of distribution of pedagogical experience;
  • The level of scientific training of trainers-teachers.
during a year Sunyaikina E.N.
4 Psychological condition.
  • The degree of psychological comfort (discomfort) of students, teachers;
  • Psychological preparedness of the team to solve a problem, to change.

during a year

questioning of students

Lazarev A.G.



5 Ensuring the educational process with the necessary conditions.
  • Occupational Safety and Health;
  • Sanitary and hygienic condition of training sessions;
  • Provision of educational and methodical literature;
  • Provision of educational and technical equipment and sports equipment.
during a year

Kozlov E.A.



  1. 4.      Financial and economic activities

A significant improvement in the MTB was facilitated by repair within the program of an accessible environment, work was carried out to improve fire and anti-terrorist security.

To record students in the institution, an automated visitor accounting system (ASIS) was installed.

Organization of multi-channel financing - budgetary and extrabudgetary financing.

Organization of preventive medical care for the teacher - concluded the Agreement on preventive medical care with the Municipal Clinical Hospital "Polyclinic No. 5".

At a good level, the work of the Medical and Physical Dispensary and the Institution for the medical examination of students organized according to the schedule twice a year (September, April)

Intra-school management is based on current, year-long and long-term plans for the work of the school, where the tasks assigned are determined on the basis of an analysis of the performance of the whole team.

In accordance with the nomenclature of cases approved for institutions of additional education, all necessary school documentation is maintained.

Management activity is based on operational versatile information about the activities of the pedagogical and student teams.

Address: Saransk, ul. Gruzinskaya, 25A, d. 25B; Pushkin Str. 10A
E-mail: zan58@mail.ru

Tel: 8 (8342) 47-92-29, 47-30-90, 76-10-33
Fax: 48-10-10

Mode of operation of the institution: from 8:00 to 22:00.

The work schedule of the institution: every day, without days off.